Freestyle Soccer Tricks Astound and Amaze

Freestyle Soccer Tricks Astound and AmazeThe soccer ball is no longer just used for the sport of the same name. Now, thousands of people across the globe are currently showing off some incredibly skilled moves in a sport known as freestyle sport. While not a sport in the general sense (there are no teams and often no winner), freestyle soccer instead showcases complex and innovative tricks that are eye candy for anyone watching. Whether their bouncing a soccer ball off the back of their necks or jumping rope while sending a soccer ball flying into the air with only their head, practitioners of this growing sport trend are continuing to break new grounds and astound fans and spectators with some really amazing tricks.

There are many different types of freestylers who are perfecting soccer tricks year round. Most of these types tend to focus on one area of the body, or perhaps a certain shtick that makes a trick unique and memorable. For example, one freestyler may focus on them that pertain to the lower body, while another may focus on upper body tricks. To get even more specific, there are those that make only practice and invent tricks that involve the head, or the foot, or even the neck. If the body part isn’t enough for one person to focus on, they make try jumping rope while bouncing a ball or riding a bike, perhaps. These are really only bound by a person’s imagination.

There are two main types of freestyle soccer tricks: the air tricks and the stall tricks. The basic principles are used in both, to make sure the ball doesn’t hit the ground while at the same time keeping it moving continuously. It’s a difficult task, but once achieved, it can be one of the coolest things to watch. The difference between these two types is in how these basic principles are achieved. In air tricks, the soccer ball is bounced off the body and oftentimes it gets some great air. The thing is, the ball is mostly in the air, which is not the case in stall tricks. These involve keeping the soccer ball moving, but on the body rather than on the air. For example, one freestyler may hit the soccer ball in the air, catch it on the back of his neck, and move his neck in such a way where the soccer ball will sit there, rolling, and never falling to the ground until the trick is over.

As you can see, there is a lot of skill needed to perform freestyle soccer tricks. It takes a lot of practice and familiarity with the ball itself. One needs to feel comfortable with the soccer ball in order to get it to do what one wants. Without getting anymore Zen-like, I’ll just mention that they can be some of the most creative ways to use a sports ball, and one can only wonder how the sport will continue to grow and evolve in the future.

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